In 2013 SECESPOL celebrates its 25th anniversary. The company is a family business founded in 1988 by eng. Jerzy Siemieńczuk. It builds on professional expertise and years of experience of team of specialists.

Here are some milestones of our history:

1988 - The foundation of SECESPOL with headquarters in Gdansk, Poland.
1988 - The very first shell & coil heat exchanger constructed by SECESPOL specialists.
1993 - 50,000th JAD heat exchanger is produced.
1996 - SECESPOL expands abroad via two subsidiaries: SECESPOL CANADA CORPORATION in  Toronto and SECESPOL CZ in Prague operating on North-American and South-European markets respectively.
1999 - SECESPOL becomes a leader with 70% shares of tubular heat exchangers market in Poland.
2001 - Brazed plate heat exchangers production begins.
2003 - SECESPOL signs export agreements on Russian and Chinese markets.
2007 - Introduction of Two-Phase Thermosiphon Heat Exchanger using porous heat exchanging area.
2008 - Establishment of a new department responsible for design and production of heat exchangers for power industry, particularly for power plants.
2008 - 250,000th JAD heat exchanger is produced.
2010 - SECESPOL strengthens its presence on international markets via two new subsidiaries: SECESPOL DEUTSCHLAND in Düsseldorf and SECESPOL ASIA in Hong Kong.
2011 - Introduction of new type of brazed plate heat exchangers including SafePLATE.
2011 - SECESPOL presents new type of heat exchangers for pharmaceutical industry – P-line.
2012 - Sales representative in Spain is appointed.
2012 - Development of production plant and transfer company’s headquarters to Nowy Dwor Gdanski, Poland.