P-line exchangers are dedicated especially to pharmaceutical and food industries. They are also suitable for all other applications that are in compliance with FDA and 3A.

Unique construction (double tubesheet) prevents cross-contamination of media even in case of a leak in tubesheet – tube connection. Thanks to low roughness of tubes and placement of connections the exchanger can be entirely emptied using only gravitation. Other advanteges of P-line are: low pressure loses and self-cleaning ability with right flow velocity. High quality materials ensure safe and long-term work.


  • full compliance with FDA, GMP and 3A requirements,
  • manufactured using  stainless steel,
  • system of complete separation of the media, even in case of leak in tubesheet-tube connection,
  • dismountable construction without dead spots, minimizing the possibility of microbial growth,
  • all surfaces in contact with the clean medium polished to Ra ≤ 0.5 µm,
  • certified seamless tubes polished internally,
  • certified gaskets for clean applications,
  • one-, two-, and four- pass types depending on thermodynamical requirements,
  • both vertical and horizontal mounting is possible.



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