Carbon steel tanks

Tanks are designed to accumulate non-aggressive liquid like water or glycol with parameters not exceeding the nominal. It is a welded construction consisting of a cylindrical shell completed with two ellipsoidal bottoms. It is equipped with the manhole to allow inspection and maintenance of the internal surface. The tanks can be protected against corrosion with anticorrosive paint.

Tanks come in the following versions:


  • vertical (A)
  • horizontal (B)


  • anti- corrosion paint - outside
  • zinc- plated (ZN) for tanks up to 2,5m3
  • hygienic certified paint (HG) - inside


  • max. pressure 0,6 MPa (version 1)
  • max. pressure 1 MPa (version 2)

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Application of category

By industry
  • Power industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Mining
  • Machine industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • HVAC
By application
  • heating and cooling fluids in crude oil processing
  • cellulose industry
  • textile industry
  • mining cooling machines
  • air-conditioning
  • thermal oil heating systems
  • fireplace systems
  • heating systems